Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Meet The Inmates

 one hour photo
 seven psychopaths
 american psycho
 welcome to the jungle
 the deer hunter, the invisible man, a clockwork orange, dr jeckyl and mr hyde, phantom of the opera, true romance, from dusk til dawn.
 fight club, the shining, charles bukowski, mr blonde
 batman 66'
 a beautiful mind
 one flew over the cuckoo's nest
 cape fear
 donnie darko
 death proof, drive
 falling down
 fatal attraction
 fear and loathing in las vegas
 full metal jacket
 gangs of new york
 silence of the lambs
 friday 13th
 the dark knight
 we need to talk about kevin
 natural born killers
 play misty for me
 no country for old men
 piece of mind (and a ninja, there's ALWAYS a ninja nearby)
 dracula (renfield)
 dirty harry, zodiac, hank scorpio
 secret window
 sweeny todd
 taxi driver
 the texas chainsaw massacre
 the man with two brains
 wolf creek
 young frankenstein
 sin city

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